PR Beach Water Sport

Explore Puerto Rico Beach With Us!

Life is better in the water. The fun doesn’t have to end!

Dive into the water for your adrenaline rush while in Puerto Rico with these fun water experiences. Climb aboard and prepare to get wet as you are towed behind the Vessel. Take in the views and hold on tight as you pick up speed! Optional photo packages are also available to capture your experience.


Windsurfing consists of sliding over the excess water with a board that carries a sail. Windsurf boards are light, fast and easy to handle.


Canoeing is a sport that is practiced on whitewater rivers and on calm waters in some cities and towns around the world. The origin of this sport is not exactly known, but it is known that the canoe is the oldest boat in the history of mankind and is currently used.


Paddle surfing has been one of the most popular sports on our coasts for some years. Navigating the sea aboard a paddle board allows you to exercise in a relaxed way and develop your balance while enjoying the scenery.

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